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Silver Needle

Silver Needle

Item# 011024265
2 oz

Product Info

Rare, downy Chinese white tea buds yield a refreshingly delicate, imperial cup.

Region china

Product Details

It’s early spring in the Fujian province when the downy white buds of Silver Needle are hand-plucked under the drying sun for perhaps the world’s most prized white tea. Also called Yin Zen (silver needle) Bai Hao (white hair), these unopened tea buds covered head to toe in fine white “fur” brew into a delicate, incredibly fresh, mildly vegetative tea with a sweet floral note.

How to Brew

For Best Brewing

  1. Use one heaping teaspoon of loose leaves per 8 fl oz of 215° water.
  2. Let it steep for 5 minutes. Wait patiently for perfection.