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Tazo® Calm™ Full Leaf Tea

Tazo® Calm™ Full Leaf Tea

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Product Info

A full-leaf herbal tea blend of chamomile, rose petals and soothing herbs.

Tasting Notes Creamy, floral, toasty sweet.

Enjoy this with: A slice of lemon loaf and an easy wind-down to your day.

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Product Details

Tazo® Calm™ Full Leaf Tea

For an herbal tea as relaxing as Tazo® Calm™, there's a lot going on behind that floral aroma and sweet, soothing flavor. Light-bodied with a smooth finish, this full-leaf blend combines chamomile, lemongrass, rose petals, spearmint and licorice root. There also might be a bit of magic involved.

How to Prepare

Did You Know?

Chamomile is one of the classic herbal infusions.

The Tazo® version is particularly rich in flavor and color. The list of 11 ingredients provides insight into the complexity of flavor. Taste and see how many different flavors you can identify.

Herbal Infusion

Though often referred to as "herbal teas," these blends contain none of the leaf Camellia sinesis and are, therefore, not true teas at all. Their botanical ingredients, however, can be marvelous and varied. Flowers, roots, peels, seeds, barks, berries and spices are sourced from around the world and are kept in their whole form, then cut just prior to blending, ensuring the freshest possible flavor.

About Tazo

Tea is one of life's simple pleasures.

And at Tazo, we believe that discovering authentic new tastes in tea makes the experience more enjoyable. Tazo searches the globe to obtain the finest botanicals and teas, then artfully blends these exotic ingredients to create unexpectedly rich, truly memorable flavor experiences.

Tazo is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), an alliance of international tea companies that are working together to improve the environmental sustainability of tea production and to help improve the lives and communities of tea workers. For more information, visit www.ethicalteapartnership.org.